Kite Marazion


Marazion is an excellent safe kiteboarding/surfing destination in the correct conditions. It can be rewarding whatever level you are at or whatever sytle you are into.

Check out the local Tide Times 

Kiting at Marazion has three potential access points for you in terms of parking and rigging up. Starting closest to the Mount

Spot 1: Folly Fields

This car park is convenient but pricey in season (£8 for a van/motor home). The gates close and are locked at dusk and we have occasionally been ushered out during a late evening session after work well before, but the attendants are really very lovely about it.

Out of high season it is actually pretty cool, no parking charges and always plenty of room. You can pump up on the beach but we prefer a little grassy area just before. It is not an easy place to launch at high tide and it is not advised 2 hours either side.

The top of the beach is pebbly and not the nice comfy kind (if there was ever one) plus combined with dry seaweed and sandy grit can make walking along this beach without flip flops or boots emotional.

The best/recommended spot for beginners and thus can be busy close into shore with learners – however, here there is plenty of space for all. Guidance is to launch the Penzance side of the Red River – especially in the busy summer periods. This logic becomes clearer when you kite here in the winter and the river is in full flood

In certain wind directions (E & ESE) can be very gusty. BUT is one of the few precious places in the South West still do-able on an Easterly, so if you are into desperation kiting (are we not all guilty of that) this is your spot.

Facilities – Good ice creams in the Beach Box Cafe and you can also get your Cornish flag camouflage here for your car…

Avoid: Shore dump at high tide can make this spot difficult

Spot 2: Marazion Station

Ice Cream st Michaels mount view
Armadillo Ice Cream from Jordans

Access to the beach via steps from the car park – more reasonable charges in the summer months and no evening restrictions.

Again, shore dump as high tide approaches makes disembarking the beach challenging. It is much more rewarding getting your tides right here, it has to be said, as soon as it drops a meter or two you have luscious soft sand for your footsies, so worth the wait if you have time!

Facilities: Toilets (but like everything in Cornwall, you have to pay) Station Pub & Jordan’s Cafe – decent coffee and ice creams at the cafe.

Walk down the SW coastal path towards Penzance and you will come across The Hoxton Special, they won’t serve you IPA, but they might teach you to kite and give you a coffee.

Can’t really mention Marazion without also mentioning Lodeys Kite Loft, for all things kiting and then some. Lessons, repairs, bluff passes, kit, it is a real hub of local knowledge, well established and a good place to start if you are unfamiliar with the area or not confident kiting in new locations.

Spot 3: Long Rock

There are a number of reasons why this remains my favourite part of the beach and not just for the kiting. Parking is a pound and free all day Sunday, for god sake don’t remind the council about this forgotten jewel.

Where everywhere else is governed by restrictions, Long Rock is a safe haven for everyone rejected from everywhere else. Motorhomes can park overnight, dogs are welcome all year round and from here you have full access to the whole of the bay whatever the wind direction.

Long Rock also provides a great flat water opportunity on a falling tide when the Long Rock reef is revealed.

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Summary: The relative safety and flexibility of Marazion means it is always a good trump card when you are kiting alone or with a group of people with mixed abilities. There is often a really good atmosphere when it is busy with everyone helping to launch and land.

The ease of accessibility and facilities also makes it a great location for those with long-suffering families who can enjoy the many things Marazion has to offer while you have a few hours on the water guilt free.

Suitable for:

Highs: Lows:
Southerly Swell High tide brings shore dumb
Parking proximity to beach Gusty cross shore on an Easterly
Flexibility Seaweed!
Facilities Occasionally suffers from a bit of localism from a few ignorants 😦

Be wary: 

  • Offshore on a Northerly
  • Rocks & Outlets Pipes (specifically towards Long Rock and the Long Rock reef itself)
  • High tide launching and landing can be tricky and reserved for experienced riders
  • Seawall can create lift when launching at high tides on an onshore
  • Train tracks and other potentially lethal hazards on land to be mindful of when launching in tricky/gusty conditions, always have a plan B or just don’t do it.

If in doubt – don’t go out! 

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