Kitesurfing The Bluff (Hayle)

Tide Times for St Ives Bay

To kite The Bluff you need to consider a few things first; the code of conduct and get your Bluff Pass, keeps the local kiters happy as there is a history of appeasing the authorities to allow the continuation of kiting in the area. Its only a few quid and you get free parking at Harvey Towans.

Three places you can get your pass from:

Parking Spot 1: Harvey Towans

So, if you value your vehicle’s suspension or have it lowered do not venture here, to say there are a few potholes would be polite, access to the car park is a seriously uncomfortable ride.

When you get here, there is a clamber down to the cliff face ahead of you or you can take the paths either side through the dunes both are ambiguous but you’ll find them.

Parking Spot 2: The Bluff Inn Car Park

The Bluff Car Park Prices are controversial and not winning the hearts and minds of the local population. Now in the hands of Haven Holidays, has an arcade and everything to keep the kids happy. It is good for a post kitesurf cyder as the sun is setting and genuinely would be a good camp for the family while you are out kiting.

Access via the coastal path and down the dunes.

Parking Spot 3: North Quay

There is roadside parking along the street the leads to Harvey Towans, it is a little trek with kit but is a reasonable option for you if you fancy it. Get there early on a weekend as the road is busy. Likely to introduce parking meters if not done so already but will probably offer a Pay and Go service as they will be new meters.

So… to the beach!

Low tide kiting here is a long walk through soft sand, and there are Weever fish along the shore line at low tides – I knows this. It is frowned upon to kite here at high tide, but there is usually enough beach to land should you get carried away while you are out enjoying yourself.

It is a working harbour and channel so there are other vessels and channel markers, so it is not deemed suitable for learners and are actually not prohibited to kite here unless you are an independent rider.

The bluff is a perfect playground for both freestyle and wave riders, there’s flat water and waves in the same location and great little adventures over to Porth Kidney, Carbis Bay and St Ives should you fancy it, otherwise you have the length of St Ives bay to play in wind and tide permitting.

There is a headland that will cut you off from the bluff side of the beach on an incoming tide if you are not careful.

In the summer this is a very popular beach for holiday makers and surfers, you will get barked at by the lifeguards if you venture into their areas.

Suitable for:

Independent riders, advanced, wave and freestyle


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