1st Session at Kite-Hydrofoiling

To say I was apprehensive was an understatement, have you seen how big the foil is!?
It’s relatively sharp and delicate. So first img_8015trip I went kiting without the comforts of the Hymer so I loaded up the car with kites, boards and my new hydrofoil board a Moses Vorace free race foil mounted to a Moses T40 Glass board.

I took the board to the beach in the car, with all the boxes the foil came in to keep my precious safe. I wanted to find the flattest water I could so Marazion on the South Coast was my destination.

Moses Carbon Wings

I arrived at the beach and met a couple of friends. I showed them my new toy and then we all got ready. I decided to get my board ready an assembled by the car. I laid down a towel to protect my foil from the ground as I slowly and meticulously assembled it, then finally attaching the foil to the board. I had to put lithium grease on all the threads of my bolts! By the time I had my board all assembled an ready to go all my friends were on the water riding! Little bit annoying as I was still a while from getting my kite pumped up and rigged.

Essential Tools

I quickly grabbed my kite for the session; my Ozone 12m Enduro  and took all my kit to the beach. First hurdle was how to get my foil board down the steps, along with my kite, my harness, bar, lines and helmet. I put my kit down and gingerly maneuvered my board down the steps and on to the beach I carefully rested the board nose down an resting on the front wing fuselage as in the picture quite a stable position. This is an expensive bit of kit and I wasn’t going to ruin it before it touched the water.

Do not rest your foil like this in strong winds !

 Once my kite was ready to launch I picked my board up and placed it very carefully on it side by the waters edge. This was done to shorten the amount of time I needed to spend carrying the board while flying the kite.

This was it, I was excited nervous an just wanting to get on with it. I ran back to my kite launched it and back to my board to pick it up. I have read lots of different articles and watched lots of clips on learning how to foil, and board reviews, one common comment was lighter is easier to carry ! I get what they mean by that now ! You have to walk out as far as you can then body drag yourself into deep water so that you can’t stand up. I’m still finding this challenging while trying to keep the foil either on it side or up in the air. All the foil wants to do is act like a keel and touch the bottom which is not what you want till your out of your depth. I can definitely see where having a lighter foil here would make it a little easier.

Once out of my depth I braced myself, got the board into position and put my feet in to the foot straps to attempted my first ride. I powered up the kite and tried to keep the board flat, I went straight up onto the board, then the board popped up onto the foil and…threw me off hard face first to the water.

Wow that really hurt ! What have a done?! I’m I ever going to get this ? These were my thoughts but not one for giving up I repositioned the board, which takes some doing and set off again, same thing happened!

So after a couple of catapults and near misses, I collected my thoughts and remembered to keep my weight over my front foot and to not worry about my back foot in the strap. With this in mind I was able to ride across Marazion bay like a little dolphin for over an hour…utterly hooked!

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