Drones and why you would want one…

Drones get a lot of bad publicity, we have also come across some negative nellies while out filming who have not only been unpleasant but just plain rude. Don’t let their ignorance put you off, drones and drone technology is coming along leaps and bounds so much so it is now fully accessible to the likes of you and me.

There are apps that you use to fly your drone which comes with guidance and restrictions of where you can legally fly your drone. You must ensure these are always updated.

Drones are not only great fun to fly, they have given us some absolutely amazing shots, including some epic selfies in some fantastic locations which gives a completely new and wholistic perspective. They are not actually that difficult to fly and most of them pretty much pilot themselves with sensors to check on heights, proximity and will even follow you if you tell it to.

There will always be people who frown upon the unknown and be fearful of new technology, don’t allow ignorance to hold you back from learning what will surely be the new normal going forth.

Which drone? This answer depends on what you want if for. If you just want a toy to fly around there are so many options which are really very cheap to buy. This blog and the following content is based upon drones for shooting footage outside, arial footage including sports and coastal observation and just for fun. This is what our research has been based upon and so our findings are what we feel is the right drone for our needs – which are pretty basic.

DJI are the market leaders in this sector, there are other options out there (Parrot & Autel) however, price and performance ruled them out compared to what you can get compared to a DJI Drone –

Our narrowed down options:

DJI Mavic Pro

  • No auto focus, bulky when folded, unprotected gimbal, decent flight time (27 mins)

DJI Mavic Air

  • Auto focus, fits in pocket (ish), lower flight time (21 mins), need “Fly More” for decent flight time fun away from home

DJI Phantom 4

  • Semi pro camera drone, big and bulky, extended flight time compared to the Mavic series

DJI Inspire

  • Pro drone, expensive, amazing camera.

There are now a few more drones on the market which supersede this now but at the time, these were the ones to compare.  The main priorities to focus on was to look at flight time, cost, accessories and specs.

We chose the Mavic Air because spec and the price meant there wasn’t much between the Pro and Air having ruled out the other two contenders on their portability. However, the fact that it all packed into a small shoulder bag sealed the deal.

New drone regulations have come into effect in 2018, which stipulate and cover all drone use in the UK.

During our research we found necessary to purchase a Tello Drone. Its fun. However we recommend that you stick to playing with this drone indoors…

Tello on Tello…

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