Hotel Victoria Tunnel View

About The North Shore

There are a lot of lifestyle blogs out there aren’t there? We love them, but felt a little outside and out of reach from the glossy blue water surfscapades and the pristine little tearoom-esc plinkity plonk intangible lifestyle perfection of blurriness beauty. OK, so it made me feel ugly, so what. I’m not bitter… much.

But it got me to thinking about the lifestyle of me and my friends, and why I just wasn’t able to fully connect with with these others so much.

Life on the north shores are a little different. A little bit darker and rougher round the edges, a touch wilder, sometimes even down right shabby!

Days that leave you rosy cheeked and curly haired, exfoliated by wind and sand, and ravaged by the sea.

North Shores across the globe all have one thing in common, the sea and the elements.

The unavoidable contact and impression it makes in our day to day lives. The effect it has on our environment and landscapes. The north shores across the globe are populated with people like me, people who NEED to be beside the sea, not just for a holiday but for a life.

No matter how hard it maybe to carve out a living, no matter how cut off from the rest of the world you might be, nothing else matters than the days you are free to be really free. For the people like me who plot and plan every living moment around either being on, in or around it, there are certainly sacrifices, but the benefits, in which we will share with you here, greatly out weigh those that we lack. For people like you and me can not bare to be far apart from our playground.

Oh yeah baby, life on the north shore is… living.

So that’s what is this blog about. But mostly it will be about kite-surfing and beaches, surfing and beaches, walking with dogs…on beaches, traveling with dogs to beaches, dogs and beaches and occasionally a three legged pirate cat called Zephyr!


Hotel Victoria Tunnel View
Hotel Victoria Tunnel, Great Western Beach, Newquay

One thought on “About The North Shore

  1. For me, anywhere u can get a nice cup of tea, out of wind, away from boys and their horrible boards. So good to find fellow naturist on the web. Hoping for more photographs, please.

    Jacob, Flamborough


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