Mylo is a ridgeless Rhodesian Ridgeback and the love of our life!

He was born without the infamous ridge and no one wanted him. We did.

He once was very tiny, hubster was a little bit happy!

puppy dog
Mylo Baby Bear

But now he’s massive… Hubster is still smiling…I think. 

He loves hanging out with his mates at the beach.

rhodesian ridgeback on fistral beach
Mylo & Monty


He loves his bed… 

He gives great cuddles.

He doesn’t like getting his toes wet. 

Which is annoying when we live by the sea!

But he LOVES the beach

And his sofa

He’s a bit naughty sometimes…

Dashboard dawg (Rhosneigr)

He likes Scooby snacks.

He winks  He shares… sometimes!

dog cuddles
Mylo & Hubster


He rock climbs! 

He’s a little bit in love…
With a CAT!

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